Cruiseway Motor Spares

We were so excited to work on Cruiseway’s brand new site. Why? Because Cruiseway had just rebranded and we loved their new colours and logo (great start for a vibrant new site) and we loved the Cruiseway staff, they are just the most enthusiastic, friendly team. We got busy designing and taking photos around Cruiseways two premises in Cape Town and Somerset West. Our favourite part of the site are the

We also offere Cruiseway a blog package to boost their SEO. Our favourite is the Blog post about the Simola Hill Climb, a prestigious motor race in Knysna every May. Our favourite blogger talent Bonamy came on team to write that excellent blog, adding info that will draw both readers and search engine ‘bots.

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Project Description

Cruiseway is a motor parts company in Cape Town and Somerset West. Brightseed created a brand new website and offered full copy, fresh photographs, bought images, staff photographs and SEO with a blog package.

Project Details

Date: 18/8/2014
Client: Cruiseway