Everything Compost

Everything Compost

Brightseed is passionate about saving our environment, encouraging people to be aware of their environment. We partnered with Everything Compost to form a website that helps people live sustainably and explore how they can make the most of waste from their kitchen. Brightseed sourced impactful bought images, added bright and modern design and helped Everything Compost lead their customers through the home composting process. We thoroughly enjoyed being part of boosting sustainable green design in Cape Town.

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Project Description

Everything Compost is a sustainability company that's passionate about getting Cape Town - and the world - composting. Its part of quest by Zero To Landfill Composting company to decrease the tons of organic waste going to landfill.

Brightseed designed a website to feature the innovative eco-products sold by Everything Compost. We took a range of product photographs and selected powerful photographs to change mindsets and draw attention.

Project Details

Date: 18/08/2014
Client: Everything Compost