Robin Trust

Robin Trust

Precise, attentive-to-detail, crisp and clean. That’s how you’d describe a nurse, I’m sure? But warm-hearted, compassionate, generous and patient – would also go a long way to describe most nurses in the field. Robin Trust approached Brightseed to develop a modern and fresh website for the service they offered. It was quite varied: from a nursing college to a Home Based Care agency, a frail care and a Sub-Acute facility.  Brightseed got to work combining a fresh and professional approach with the unique warmth of Robin Trust, Pinelands. We especially enjoyed bringing in a professional photographer and taking photos tailored to the needs of the website.

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Project Description

Robin Trust required a multiple-project, multiple page website including photos of staff from every department, certificates and awards, recorded radio interviews, fees structures and detailed descriptions of offerings and courses. Brightseed offered interviews, copy from scratch, a shoot with a professional photographer and extended shot over various days with individual staff members. We also did sound editing of recordings and design of gallery pages for graduation.

Robin Trust took on an SEO package from Brightseed, so that monthly Blogs could give Robin Trust a boost on search engines like Bing and Google.

Project Details

Date: 10/9/2015
Client: Robin Trust